Manga Review: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen or in English Kaguya wants to be confessed to, is a manga written by Akasaka, Aka. It’s about a boy and a girl who tries to get the other person to confess to them, since they think that the one who confesses is a loser. They use extremely romantic and emotional actions prepared with cold hard logic. Continue reading


John Wick: Chapter 2 Review

The world building is great expanding upon how the assassin economy works. From setting contracts to shopping for tools.

The story is exciting filled with memorable characters and action packed fight scenes. The ending sets up the franchise for even greater heights without sacrificing the movie’s story.

The action scenes were better than before. They knew what made the first movie great and kept up on it with this one. They successfully made john wick look badass without turning the bad guys into stormtroopers.

Overall John Wick: Chapter 2 is a sequel which has surpassed the original. Keanu Reeves played John Wick well and I can’t imagine anyone else doing it other than him

I HIGHLY recommend watching John Wick 2. It is a great sequel building up on the foundation of the previous movie.

Kung Fu Yoga review

I know that he doesn’t do stunts anymore since he is old, but that did bring down the quality of his movies. The story isn’t good and very forgettable. Yoga didn’t even factor a lot into the movie other than it being in the culture of India.

The Bollywood tropes don’t mix well with Jackie Chan’s film style. The exaggerated style doesn’t mix well in the movie.

It’s basically Jackie Chan in India, but you can replace Jackie with any other asian guy since he doesn’t act like Jackie Chan at all.

I don’t recommend watching kung fu yoga. It’s hard to call it a Jackie Chan movie since it is missing some of his trademarks. The fight scenes were terrible.

Saving Sally Review

Saving Sally is a typical love story. What makes it different is that it has comic visuals rarely seen in Philippine cinema.

The characters are well made, with the sole exception of the douche boyfriend. The acting is perfect for the setting and visuals. The main character Marty is relatable and so are his struggles. The heroine Sally is the best girl, though she has her own big problems and flaws which make her even more likable.

The dialogue is well written and all the characters are unique with their lines. The comic book visuals add more life and fun to an already lively cast. The backgrounds themselves provide a lot of entertainment with the puns on the buildings.

The movie took 10 years to make and it was worth every second of it. Though the destination is the same, the movie is noteworthy because it takes a path less traveled.

I highly recommend watching it as soon as possible.